P1 Club x Apt – Can’t Sit W/ Us

Donnerstag, 08/06/2017

P1 Club x Apt - Can't Sit w/ Us - Special Guest Apperance

What do you do on a thursday night? We go out, you go out. Everything you can remember is the squeak in your ears. Meet new & old friends at our joint and get wasted.

We had a blast the last night so we goin‘ full madness mode for this time! Let us suprise you w/ our secret guest for the 8th of june.

You Can’t Sit W/
Secret Guest (Special Apperance)
muélar (P1 Resident – Apt Collective)
Warmup Set by Clemens Rauch (Newcomer)

Hosted by the all-mighty Sia Bob

// june 8
// 10:59pm
// 21+

reservations are highly recommended – for reservations call your local table dealer: 089 211 114 0